Wednesday, 25 May 2011

John Jenkins new releases

John Jenkins has announcedhis new releases for next month. We will be getting them for the London Show on the 25th June so you will be able to see them there. They are of course up to his usual standard.The most interesting piece is an armoured car from the Spanish Civil War- very unusual but looks great:

The Spanish Civil war sees another release with a T26 tank commander: The T26 is in stock now

We also get the red baron's brother, Lothar-Siegfried Freiherr Von Richtofen  away from his plane:

The Tichonderoga range is boosted again with another 42nd Highland Grenadier:
The Quebec range is also not neglected with another set of two French infantrymen marching:
 They all look great as usual from John. My favourite is most definitely the armoured car. I really hope we see lots more of these interesting vehicles.
You can find full details of price at the John Jenkins new release page on our web site.
Don't go away you JJD fans as there are details following of a competition to win one of his planes.

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