Thursday 29 March 2012

Normandy Diorama

This diorama has been done for a couple of weeks but only now can I find the time to post it.
The whole thing is 2 feet by 2 feet in size but split into 4 1 foot square pieces so it can be displayed in various ways depending on the space available.My customer had given me a detailed layout so all I had to do was interpret his wishes.
One of the most important parts of the diorama is the cobble stoned road where most of the figures and vehicles will be displayed. I have found a good supplier of these sort of things- Miniart ( do a cobblestone set in plastic. It is good value and the detail is spot on.
I gave up making trees ages ago and so buy them from JG miniatures in Sheffield. This diorama has two of his birch trees and two tree line sections. They are great and fit in with my colours and style.

There is quite a bit of fencing on this layout so we decided to go for barbed wire fencing to keep it interesting. This was the first time I had done this wire fencing in this scale and will definitely use it again. I use textured steel wire. It is very shiny so I leave it in vinegar for a week and when it comes out it is beautifully weathered.
We also needed a road side shrine. I found a pretty little statue that I painted grey and built a small structure around it. I placed it just off the road in amongst the trees so should add a bit of interest.
The rest of it was built up using flock and scatter mainly from Woodland Scenics along with some water mix for the ditches either side of the road. That is about it.
The photos have 2 First Legion German infantry in them just to show scale and terrain always looks better with figures on it. Please ignore the fact they are from their Stalingrad range!
Just to finish off here are a load more photos of the diorama:


  1. Hi Dave

    Looks fabulous. Can't wait to collect it, which I will be doing in a little over 12 hours time. Superb!

  2. Very realistic terrain, top quality.