Tuesday 9 October 2012

10mm Pony Wars

This post is a bit different as it doesn't have much to do with terrain. The club I belong to, the Sons of Simon Demontford, otherwise known as the Loughborough club, have been putting a participation game on this year around a few UK shows. It all started with me finding a copy of Pony Wars on my book shelf- the original 1980's Hollywood style Wild West game.
We pretty much took the rules straight out of the book, only altering the ammo rules so we didn't have to record ammo usage. Also, the original was designed for 15mm figures but we decided to go with 10mm as it recommended to get 600 Indians so it saved us a fortune going down a scale.

One of the club, Trevor did the terrain and a great job he did and the rest of us collected the figures and we were all ready to go for Salute 2012. The final show we have done was Derby this weekend so it is all over for it now.
Over the year we had a great time with it and although we never got floods of people to join in we talked to loads of guys who remembered the original and were so pleased to see it out and about again. I think it made a massive impression all those years ago when Ian Beck and his mates took it around the shows in the 80's. It has been a good year for us with this game and maybe it might encourage more older sets of rules to see the light of day again.
the overall table

Big trouble for some settlers-200 Indians will un nerve most cowboys

gun runners supplying some Indians. It could have been whisky..

I think there are a couple of cavalrymen surrounded

Even bigger trouble now


The magic fort where any number of reinforcements may appear during the game.
These pictures were taken at Derby and you can see the cavalry didn't have it all their own way. We got to play 4 games over the weekend and it ended up 2 each with the Indians winning once with a total massacre whereas the cavalry tended to win by the skin of their teeth.
The experience we have had with this game as a club has encouraged us to have another go next year.
I have been commissioned by Ged at Gringo 40 to make an Alamo complex in 40mm to showcase his new range of figures he is launching. Our club members will be running the game at shows. It all starts at Salute 2013 but I will be updating progress regularly here as well as articles in Wargames Illustrated. Watch this space but as a taster here is the start of the Alamo chapel...


  1. A great game, with ground breaking rules.

    It was nice to see it again at Derby.