Monday 6 May 2013

20th Century buildings.

Last year at Salute I delivered 3 large factories to a customer. They were designed to be able to be fought over anytime during the 20th century in and around Europe. I did do a post about them but here are a photo of each as a reminder.

These were all pretty big structures so I now had to deliver another 10 smaller structures that would go with them.
I had used alot of accessories from Skytrex so I did the same again. The guttering and most of the windows were from their railway range and along with other bits and pieces such as chimneys I was able to make alot of details common to all the buildings making them look part of the same community.
I used plasticard sheets from South Eastern Finecast so again using the same sheets I got common a common brick look.
Each of the buildings were different and that became a bit of a challenge to come up with the different designs.
white washed walls added contrast and variety for the layout

factory and offices. The horn by the top of the door is a resin piece.

a 3 level building and flat roof.

straight forward rectangular workshop.
These first four buildings were all brick and industrial but I wanted to have a couple of buildings that looked like flats. I had done some Stalingrad apartment buildings in the past (Pavlovs House) and wanted to do something like that.
These were very plain buildings so added a couple of fire escapes on the end to add more interest. The roofs and floors come away so lots of opportunities for snipers and house clearing games.
fire escape railings are plastic but stairs are from Skytrex.

windows are laser cut
I then did a smaller building and wanted it to look very run down and as if it was built from concrete slabs. I cut up sheets of cork tile and distressed the edges. Cork tile makes very convincing concrete flooring so I thought it would do the same on walls and I was happy with the result.
roof is plasticard painted grey and then washed brown and dry brushed.

doors are from Skytrex.
The final two buildings I decided to make ruined and design them so they could stand alone or be combined into one large ruin.
One of the buildings had a large door at one end and the other had a furnace with tall chimney. Both had a ruined open end. The windows and wall colours were the same on both and so they matched each other.
I had to add debris as well as some internal details so lot of cat litter and bits and pieces of industrial debris from my spares box made them look suitable ruined.
windows are laser cut

pipes and cogs always look very industrial

rust effect on the pipe done using Delux rust coating
I also had a couple of resin lathes and drill stand. I thought they would go well in here so in they went looking very sorry for themselves.
Finally, on one of them I recreated a burst pipe. I made a stream of water using Woodland Scenics water effect and then once dry stuck it on the end of the pipe and arched it so it touched the floor as if it was a stream of water coming out of the pipe. I then added a puddle of water using two part resin mix from Delux.
the ruined drill stand on its side

water gurgling out from the pipe

the two joined together

the rubble
The final piece I made for this commission was a supply dump. I wanted to something a bit different that would be interesting to fight over.
All the bits came from Skytrex range of extras for their railway line. I had great fun laying them out so there was space for figures to hide behind. I hope the layout is interesting enough to have a good game in.
this is about 30cm long and 25cm wide

corrugated fencing is sheets of plasticard cut to shape and bent to show distressed bits

all piles are from Skytrex range- very useful.
That covers the completed commission. I hope to get some photos of them all in action. If I do I will post them as they should look pretty good with all of the buildings together.
This was another very enjoyable commission and the hardest bit was keeping period detail off them as I was very tempted with adding graffiti and that sort of thing which was a real no no if they were to be used in different theatres and times during the 20th century.


  1. These are works of art - way too good to be played with! Your eye for detail is astonishing; I have worked in Civil Engineering storage dumps EXACTLY like the one you have created - the only thing missing is graffiti! Beautiful work, and I doff my hat [a Homburg, today, actually], to you. Excellent!