Sunday, 22 May 2011

First Legion been busy!

First Legion have been a bit quiet this last month, so just like buses, loads of stuff come all at once!
The Romans have already been announced but there are now additions to their Africa Korp and Stalingrad ranges as well as a few more Mamluks:
Full details here:
DAK011- Africa Korp Opel Blitz 

This is an interesting addition to the DAK range. The supplies are not included in the set but can be bought separately. I bet we see this model in Stalingrad colours sooner or later.
There are also a couple of infantry men added. This is becoming a pretty big range.

Stalingrad sees some tank riders and the Howitzer set split up into the gun and crew. The gun is a great set and this new smaller set should make the gun more affordable for most of us.

Gerstal024- one of two tank rider sets.

Finally, First Legion have sneaked in 5 more Mamluk figures that we hadn't heard about. They are available direct from First Legion now but we will be ordering them again in time for the London Show at the end of June.
CRU042- the new codes are CRU038 to 42

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