Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Yesterday, I posted pictures of the English Civil War game that I was commissioned to build. The table was covered in some beautiful looking trees. They will be familiar to Toy Soldier collectors as they come from JG Miniatures- a very well known supplier of diorama pieces for the 54mm collector. I don't think he is well known in the wargaming world so I thought I would highlight his trees.
small oak tree

JG sells types of trees, for example the picture on the left is of a small oak tree that stands about 8" tall. There weere alot of this type of tree on the ECW layout. They make a very good large tree for 28mm games.
His range also includes birch trees, hawthorne, fruit and fur trees to name a few.

Winter Birch Tree
The great advantage with them is how they look- they look so real and really add to the look of the table. They are designed for collectors who display their figures and not really for the rough and tumble world of wargaming so you do have to look after them. They are supplied in individual boxes or sleeves so keep them in there when not using them and you should be OK.

Fur Tree
Birch Tree

These are certainly not the cheapest trees on the market but they are well worth the money if you want your trees to make an impression.
If you want to see them in the flesh then the game is at Partizan this Sunday and there are alot of Oak and birch trees dotted around.

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