Wednesday 6 July 2011

15mm Arnhem

I am about to start on another project. This is 15mm scale and covers some of the well known buildings in Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.
There will be four buildings:
St Walburgis Church
St Elizabeths Hospital
The Museum
A generic town house.
St Walburgis Church
St Elizabeths Hospital
the museum as a 20mm model
I do very few 15mm models so I hadn't got a good supply of windows and I decided to have them laser cut. I thought this would be particularly effective for the church windows. I got them delivered last week and I wasn't disappointed

3 sizes of church window and one small casement window
 I got about 15 church windows and 70 of the small casement windows. That should cover all my needs for this project. It is amazing the number of windows you need sometimes. I am planning to sell these windows in the future but I am just sorting out costs.
That is it for stage one of this project. I hope to start building properly next week

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