Tuesday 12 July 2011

New Collectors Showcase

We have been getting a bit behind with adding new releases to the web site but I have finally added the new releases from The Collectors Showcase. These should all be in the UK from early August or maybe even late July. Prices and more detail are all on our web site TMTerrain web site
This release sees the launch of the new Rome 43AD range- the Roman invasion of Britain. The Collectors Showcase has indicated that more will follow including chariots and war elephants so this is the start of a very exciting range. The following are just part of the range and show three out of a total of six sets.

Roman command set
Celtic warriors

Roman soldiers
As usual, WW2 armour is not neglected. This release sees two vehicles added- The Witman Tiger in winter and Normandy colour schemes and the US M8 Greyhound in the same two schemes.
M8 Greyhound in winter scheme

Tiger with 4 figure crew set

The final releases this month are a terrific collection of French Carabiniers. There are a total of   8 figures so will make a superb looking diorama especially if you already have some of the other French cavalry from previous releases.

That is it for this release. It is another diverse and very imaginative release and with the introduction of the Romans there really is no excuse for not giving them a go!

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