Wednesday 13 July 2011

First Legion Update

First Legion have been busy so I thought it a good idea to briefly update you with what is about to arrive and what is about to go onto pre order.
There are a couple of ranges on pre order at the moment and are expected to be shipped in early August.
These include the coverage of a new Napoleonic battle- Aspern Essling with the release of 18 Austrian Grenadiers.
 The paint job on these beauties is superb and as you can see they make a great unit in your collection
We are taking orders for them now.
More Romans have been added to the range. These are the ones you may have seen in London- First Legion were able to get some samples to us for the show. They will be available from August, on pre order now.
 We also see some WW2 on pre order. An Opel Blitz truck along with crew loading it. A very imaginative piece. Ready to be shipped in early August but on pre order now
Opel Blitz and crew. More are in the full list

In August we then see a raft of figures going onto pre order. The long awaited Buford's cavalry, mounted Crusaders, 95th Rifles and lots of WW2 Stalingrad
Buford's cavalry
95th Rifles
Mounted Crusaders
Finally, for now, in September will see the launch of a brand new period- The Renaissance. This will be one of their most colourful ranges to date with the initial release covering the Battle of Pavia in 1525. This is a really exciting range and should be spectacular.Here are a couple of pictures to wet your appetite
Full details on prices and individual figures can be found on our web site as soon as we have it. You will be able to place orders on line or just give us a ring and we will sort your order out from there.

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