Wednesday 19 September 2012

Boothill in 28mm

I thought I would highlight something a little smaller than normal this time. I have recently been asked to make a small base- about 20cm x 17cm depicting Boot hill.
I really enjoyed this one as the specification I was given was pretty tight so I just had to concentrate on making it and I had to make a tree that I don't do very often (simple things give me alot of satisfaction!).
The base consisted of a broken down fence around the edge with a  hanging tree, rocky outcrop and head stones inside the cemetery. The headstones wanted to be a mix of stone and wood. I had some spare Dolls House floor tiles made from real stone so broke them down to a suitable size and shape and they turned into good looking stone head stones.
The tree had to be scratch built. Normally I would buy trees as I can't make them quick enough to make it worth while and the quality of off the peg trees are very good. This tree needed to be old and gnarly with a branch for the rope. I made a wire skeleton and then covered it with daz pronto (air dried clay). Once that was dry I added more clay, filling in gaps and adding more detail. I also scraped in bark detail into the wet clay with a scalpel. I left some wire exposed at the base to spread out and use as a firm base to glue it in place.
Once in place I painted the trunk and then added the foliage using rubberised horse hair (I buy this in large sheets from upholsterers as it is much cheaper this way than buying small amounts from model shops) which is then sprayed with watered down PVA glue and sprinkled with home made flock. I use cork chippings that are dyed various shades of green, brown and yellow.

The rock is from a Woodland Scenics rock mold. I use these alot and I love the results. They do lots of different patterns. I have 4 or 5 of them and they all get regular use.
The wooden fence was just painted plasti card cut to size as was the wooden headstones. The texture on the base was just sand painted.
When I sent the customer a photo of the finished job he said he had wanted the tree dead so I had to take the foliage off. I also had to model a few more branches onto it. Fortunately it all went well.

That is it. A very quick one this time!

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  1. That is a really nice terrain piece. I'd want to be fighting zombies off with my survivor crew around that tree