Wednesday, 29 February 2012

54mm Alamo front

This is a quick one. I was asked to make the facade of the Alamo chapel- the iconic view of the compound.
I decided the key to the look of the facade is the look of the pillars and the statues.
Here is a drawing of the famous building
I found an interesting statue so bought a couple of them and then made the rest of the building to fit them. The pillars were hand sculpted from dowel covered in green stuff. The rest of the detail around the doorway was made from balsa wood covered in Daz Pronto clay and then carved to look like stone.
The rest of the building was also covered in the clay and then carved when dry.

The final touch was painting. I used a base coat of yellow ochre washed with raw umber and then dry brushed with creams and sand/ buff colours to bring out the detail. The final weathering just dirties it up to make it lived in. The final result looks good and I have now been commissioned to do the rest of the building.

I said this was a quick one!


  1. Beautiful work sir! That really is impressive.

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