Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Petrol Station

This project was a real first for me. The commission was to produce a petrol station for 28mm zombie/post apocalyptic gaming. The base was to be no bigger than 30cm x 30cm and I had a few photos of actual stations to use as a reference.
The photo that hit the spot for me was this one
I loved the Shell 'fin' coming out of the shop so I thought that would be the centre point of the whole thing. I was in danger of making something a little flat and uninteresting if I wasn't careful and this fin solved that problem for me.
The next thing I needed was petrol pumps and I couldn't find any anywhere that I thought was suitable so I got them made by my lase cutting friend, Andy Slater. He was able to make four for me in Shell colours and they looked great.
As I was making a Shell station I needed the Shell logo recreated and again Andy came to the rescue with a couple of Shell logos laser cut for me along with the SHELL letters.
I now had pretty much everything in place to begin and it didn't take me long to come up with the finished item-

You can see how well the pumps came out. The broken concrete floor is made from cork sheet that I tear and ends up looking just like cracked concrete.
I was pleased how the red fin did make all the difference and I was very glad I saw it on the photos.
The final touches with the weathering finished it off and gives it the feel of a deserted station ready to be fought over by a pack of marauding zombies.


  1. The laser cut stuff, especially the Shell logo really makes it I think.

  2. That's actually a very impressive piece of modelling. I think you've managed the colours of the concrete etc very well too..... what's your sectret?

    Looking forward to seeing it swarming with the undead :O)


  3. Looks awesome David, kinda neat to see something different then the war stuff, (not that I mind the war stuff lol!!) again great work...Sammy

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