Wednesday 29 February 2012

54mm Roman marching fort

This project was a very new one for me- a Roman structure. Most of my work usually involves gun powder in some form or other so it was great to get involved in something a bit older.
The brief was to make the gate along with about 2 or 3 feet of wall with a circular hut in front of it next to a small stream.
The board ended up being 4ftx4ft split into 4 2x2ft boards so it could be shipped more easily to the USA.
There are no real secrets to how I did this dio. The grass was a mix of Woodland Scenics flock with the long bunches of grass from John Gittens in Sheffield. The water in the stream is made using the two part solid water mix from Delux. I add a bit of green ink into the mix just to dirty up the water a little. I also add vegetation and small stones into the bottom of the stream before I pour the resin and they show up nicely. I should try adding some fish one day, but that is for another project!

The walls are made from 'distressed' dowelling that I get from any good DIY store. My fingers are a mess after I have finished but the effect is worth it.
The hut was made from arranging thin strips of balsa wood into a circle, sticking bristles from a yard brush onto it and then rendering it with lots of the brush showing through. I was pleased with the effect.
These first fur pictures are ones I took before I shipped it. You get a good view of the stream and the hut.

These next photos are taken by the customer with the figures on the diorama. It really brings the whole thing to life. I love it when I get photos of the diorama populated by figures- it always looks better than the bear photos I take.
I think the figures are a mix of First legion and Collectors Showcase and they go together very well.

That is it for this one. Thanks for the photos Joe.

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  1. great looking dio, I'm sure joe will have a blast with this one for along time!!