Sunday 19 February 2012

Russian Church

I haven't posted for over a month- where does the time go. I have been busy with projects so over this next week I will try to cover all the stuff i have been working on in February.
One of the first projects I needed to have finished was a wooden Russian church. It had to be ready for a demo game at the York show on the first Sunday of the month so there was no room for a slipped delivery.
We had a look at quite a few designs before my customer came a cross a pretty little wooden church that fitted what he was looking for
We decided the windows were a little ornate but otherwise it was a good one to match.

The dome came from an upside down Christmas decoration but everything else was built from my usual collection of things- a foam board frame covered with dowelling for the logs. The roof was Daz Pronto Air dry clay rolled out and scored to look like copper sheets.
All the roofs come off and the pointed tower has a large enough platform for a figure to stand in.
This is the third Russian Orthodox church I have made, the second in wood, and I think they are wonderful things and make a centre piece in any game.

Here is the finished model:

The logs are all notched so they fit together as you can see. It takes hours but the effect is well worth it. This model was the first time I painted green copper sheeting. I was a bit worried that it might let the model down but I was pleased with the result. I built it up in layers of green dabbing it on with a stiff brush, getting lighter as I went. The final touch was a few areas of copper showing through.

The day of the show saw it in action. Wargaming terrain always looks better with figures around it so here are some shots of the game

That is it for this one.


  1. Jeepers, that church is really a work of art!

    How many hours of work went into it?


    1. Darrell
      Thanks for the comment.
      It took about 30 hours to do the church. Most of that time was taken with notching the logs for the corners. In the future, I will quote for doing it this way as well as just laying the logs on top of each other as the second way is alot quicker.

  2. That's absolutely stunning work!