Wednesday 22 June 2011

First Legion and the London Toy Soldier Show

I thought I would update you with just what we will have at the show this weekend from First Legion.
Matt, at First Legion has really pulled all the stops out and sent us a parcel direct from China with lots of brand new stuff that in some cases hasn't even made it to pre order on their site.
It means we have a supply of all the Romans from ROM001 to ROM008 but we also have 1 each of ROM009 to ROM016.
Roman Aquilifer and Optio- both at the show

The DAK Opel Blitz and other infantry will also be there and I have made a special effort with the diorama so it will look good. Come along and pick one up and be one of the first in the world to own one.

opel blitz and stowage set

MG team
we only have very limited numbers of these new items so come and see us early if you want them.


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