Wednesday 8 June 2011

London Toy Soldier Show

The 25th of June sees the next London Toy Soldier show take place. If you collect Toy Soldiers this is the place to go. It happens three times a year- the end of March, the end of June and the beginning of December.
The show is held at the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London and fills two halls with everything to do with collecting miniature figurines.
The show web site is here for more information

TMTerrain has been going to the show as a trader now for about 3 or 4 years and we are now up to 30 feet of display space. We fill the space with figures displayed on some good looking dioramas so it is always worth coming to find us just to have a look. Here are some examples
John Jenkins Jacobite's
John Jenkins Sudan range
First Legion Stalingrad
Collectors Showcase WW2
The last show in March saw me sell alot of the dioramas so I am having to make lots of new ones for this show. I will post updates on how these are going- as there is less than 3 weeks to go and I have no photos of WIP to post you can guess that I am just a touch behind schedule!

The show should see some brand new sets of figures from all our suppliers. First Legion displays will include the new Mamluks and maybe one or two surprises (hopefully we will be able to confirm this nearer the time)

First Legion Mamluks
Collectors Showcase will have the new and very impressive Royal Horse artillery limber and gun set on display along with the even more impressive 88mm, prime mover and crew.

Collectors Showcase 88mm gun
Collectors Showcase RHA sets
John Jenkins will have his normal 4 or 5 new pieces on display but to pick just one out as a highlight it has to be the wonderful Spanish Civil War armoured car
John Jenkins armoured car
We haven't had this delivered yet but I can't wait to see it. It looks good in the photo but they always look better in the flesh.
You can find more information about all these new releases on our web site:

I will post more about the show and our preparations for it over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for more.

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