Thursday 22 December 2011

Mountain base project pt2

I have been hard at work on the mountain hide away this week so again, here is a last update before the end of the year.
I now have built the whole layout and textured most of it so you can really see what the finished base will look like.

The first time I have cut a base board into this sort of shape!

The cable car in position. when finished it will hang from a cable

The whole thing is 4ft x 4ft so you can guess how much foam board I have used- sheets and sheets of it!
At this stage I now sorted out the laser cut windows for the villains liar. It needed large imposing but perfect windows- ideal for laser cutting.
The windows have to go around the lair as you can see above- about 90cm of window altogether at about 5cm high. The plan was to sandwich a sheet of clear plasticard in between two window frames. The frames arrived this week so was able to fix them in place, keeping my fingers crossed that I had the right measurements. All was well.

I had another set of frames for the room in the bottom right- alot smaller but still best made by a laser cutter.
these windows are 3cm high
The rest of the week was taken up finishing off detail-
rock face and supporting pillars added and a shaped roof

more roof shape detail

mdf roof added. I have to sort out the finish on this

another roof shot

windows and roof.
The first job I have when I start again is the railings. If you look at the original sketch you can see there is alot of railings-
There must be 10 feet of railings
I thought it would be a good idea to design a more interesting railing rather than just a normal metal one so I got in touch with the laser cutter with a few ideas and I got this back-
A great idea especially if I can make it look like concrete. I got the pieces at the same time as I got the windows-

hundreds of pieces!
I think it will keep me busy for a while. It should be worth it though.
That is it for this year on this mountain project. I need to add details inside the villains lair (a bit of interior decorating!), work out how to get the cable car to hang on a wire convincingly and then paint it all and turn it into a snowy scene.

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