Wednesday 7 December 2011

Normandy Village pt2

I have also been working on the Normandy village. It seems I have spent along time on the project this week but not made alot of obvious progress. The last post showed the start of the 'island' of buildings but I have also been working on a single, grander building based on this photo-
You may recognise it as the 54mm building I did a while ago. The customer was so impressed he wanted the whole thing so this time I am doing it front and back along with some outhouses. I suppose this has taken up alot of the time this week as adding the trim you can see on the front of the building takes time. I got the various patterns of the brick work by cutting up brick embossed plasticard. The tiles were made by scoring plain plasticard into small squares ready to be painted to look like individual tiles. I have now got this building up to the same point as the other houses
a close up showing the brick details

the outhouses and the house has a much plainer rear.
The 'island' of houses have become more substantial with internal walls and floors added (the windows are open so I think it looks odd to be able to see straigth through a house so the internal walls stop this happening- I haven't laid the walls out to creat rooms, just to cut out views from one side of the house to the other).
I have also carved the stone on one of the corner buildings as well as adding card to the others to add detail and interest. I have tried to vary the patterns on each model. I can also vary the rest of the plastering of the walls as well as the colours so each one will be unique.
All this preparation work is necessary but is one of the most frustarting stages because very little seems to happen but if you don't take your time here the finished building won't look as good.
The final bit of detail I added was the corner shop frontage. I just built it up with balsa wood and plasticard. I may add more later- I will see how I feel.
the carved stone ready for painting
the whole thing- not alot of difference from last time!

a better look at the addition of card to creat interest

the rear showing the stone work and the card detail

the corner shop front detail

the card details and shop start to lift this row

details of the card work and I have started plastering
The next stage is to finish the plastering on all the buildings and then start painting. I can't fix them to the base until they are painted as I won't be able to do a good job on the rear of the houses once they are down on the base because they are so tightly packed together. I can also be working on the roofs.

The next post should look far more impressive (I hope anyway!)

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