Thursday 22 December 2011

Sudan Village pt1

just painting this one
The Sudan village project has moved on over the last few weeks. I have been working on eleven buildings that come from kits or are already made. Four of the buildings are finished resin, 3 flat packed resin kits and 4 laser cut models.
laser cut gateway

laser cut house
laser cut big house

laser cut big house 2

resin flat pack with additions

flat pack again at an earlier stage

flat pack 3 just stuck together
I will also be making a number of scratch built houses so I need to blend all these model styles into a common theme. I am therefore plastering all the kits as well as adding extra details. Hopefully, that will make them all fit together nicely. Here are a couple of stages shown on the gatehouse-
plastered and base coat of yellow ochre


The other buildings have been added to where necessary and now all eleven are well advanced- here are some photos. I must admit, I thought I had taken more.

plastered, base coated and washed laser cut house

plastered, base coated and washed resin flat packed house

It won't be long before these first 11 are done so I can then start on the scratch built pieces including a mosque.
I am pleased with how the different styles are blending together so the finished town will look good.


  1. Hi David, these look great! I am just starting a Sudan collection so thanks for the inspiration!
    Cheers steve

  2. Hi David, very inspiring indeed! I'm thinking to do a Indian Mutiny board, some scratch,etc, but some allready made, would accelerate a bit the project. If i'm permited to ask, from wich manufacturers are those laser cut and resin buildings from?
    Many thanks!

  3. Hi Fernado

    Here is the link to the company:

    I hope that helps