Thursday 22 December 2011

Normandy Village pt3

I thought I would do one last post on this Normandy village before the end of the year. I haven't got quite as far as I had hoped this week as when I came to get some paving stone embossed plasticard I found I hadn't got any!
There was still lots to do. I have been able to finish off the plastering and texturing and add the shutters to some of the windows. I have used two types- one wooden planks that I have had cast in metal and then some louvred shutters that I had made in resin. I used the two types for variety as that will add impact when it comes to painting.
The resin shutters get lost on the above photo as they aer white but the metal ones show up very well.
You can see from the photo that I have also added roofs and guttering. The roofs are my own sheets of resin tiles that I have cast. This saves me many hours as I used to stick individual tiles down. The guttering is metal and I get that cast locally. I find it very fiddly to do but the effect is well worth it.

The roofs all come off although only the backs so I could get the best look from the front. When the roof is loose it is almost impossible to get rid of gaps and gaps ruin the effect.
I have played with some of the ridge tiles. I have used them to hook the loose piece of roof to the attached piece. Some of them are just plain strips but others I added a strip of plastic rod and then covered it in miliput to end up with a decorative ridge tile.
The above photo shows how the roofs add to the covered and hidden feel of the court yard and the whole thing feels as if it is really coming together.
I realised I had forgotten the chimney so added one here.

I now glued half of the buildings to the base just leaving the stone one off so I could easily paint the back of all the buildings. I also added some random stone plasticard to the court yard just to make it different from the pavement. I was then able to start painting. I could only do the rear as the pavement was still missing. I have used the usual pallet- yellow ochre base, washed in raw umber and then dry brushed with lighter and lighter tomes of cream. I haven't got all that way yet so can only show you a couple of the stages.
base coat added- not a great look

washed brown
The final job I did this week was paint the roof a base coat of dark grey. I then need to wash it brown and then dry brush up a few shades of grey- but that is for the new year.
grey roof and now with pavement added.

That is it for now. I have realised that I haven't taken any photos of the single house. I have started painting it as well as completing the roof so it has moved on nicely but photos will have to wait until next time.
The next post will be of them finished I hope!

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  1. superb craftsmanship. i wish i could do casting from regular d-i-y materials.